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sids are commodore 64 sound files. they are included in games, demos, and also as stand alone music files. the mos 6581, or 'sid' chip has a very unique sound to it that many commodore users have grown to love. thanks to various emulators and rippers, you can now play sid files on your pc through your soundcard.

michael schwendt has very successfully emulated the sid sound in his awesome program sidplay. you can find sidplay on his sidplay homepage on a variety of platforms.

I don't know if it's the same for someone who didn't grow up with a commodore, but I love hearing all the music from my old commodore games again as well as many new ones by the same artists who created my favorites. some truly great composers have worked with the sid chip.

you can find more information on sids and sid composers, as well as many other related things, on the international network of chaos's c64 music page.

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